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ROI Analytics and Predictive Planning

Trade Promotion strategies continue to evolve from retailer-focused promotions to targeted shopper-focused promotional approaches.

Promotional plan optimization is often impacted by numerous factors, some controlled by the supplier such as price, display type, and advertising type; and other factors that are out of the supplier’s control such as seasonality, market conditions, and competition. These factors, combined with other determinants such as data availability, account and product hierarchy, and promotional types and frequency, result in the exponential growth of data volumes and complexity.

It is therefore time for consumer goods (CG) companies to elevate their trade promotion management (TPM) solution capabilities with analytical insights and simulation capabilities to ensure optimized promotional plans.

The Promax Optimize solution package incorporates easy to use enterprise software underpinned by the data management and analytical capabilities of our highly experienced CG domain data scientists.

The solution enables CG companies to achieve in-depth visibility into the causal mechanics of trade promotions by effectively harmonizing data from multiple sources, excluding outlier events, and performing statistical modelling and analysis. The software is purpose-built to ensure ease of use, while incorporating complex quantifications for accurate intelligence and optimization activities.

Predictive Promotion Analytics through Promax Optimize that allows users to model various price, and promotion tactic combinations to review predicted outcomes displayed in lift decomposition bar charts and financial impact tables.

In-built capabilities to handle syndicated PoS and ePoS data sources, multiple IT systems including ERP, demand planning and reporting tools.

Data cleansing, transformation and consolidation services to effectively exclude outliers guided by data specialists and user insights.

Promax Optimize is a complete and mature optimization solution offering significant benefits compared to other solutions available in the market.

The Promax Optimize Difference


Proprietary Statistical Engine developed by highly skilled CG experts and data scientists. Models delivered in collaboration with end users


Extend capabilities of 3rd party TPM and analytic systems, gain visibilty and ability to predict promotional performance


Perform 'What if Analysis' using highly visual UI backed by self learning algorithms

Data Science as a ‘Service’

Promax Optimize includes the value added services of our CG data experts who create and update the software’s underlying statistical models.

Completely automating the data scientist function leads to highly variable models without a feedback loop that is necessary to modify and course correct forecasts when needed. Our data scientists help create the initial data models, with the sales teams validating the qualitative inputs entered into these models. The modeling review is a continuous learning process that involves coordinated automation and workflows between the various groups of stakeholders. The process finally culminates in the approval of the model to be used in the planning process.

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