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The Promax suite of solutions is specifically designed to transform Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Optimization activities for the Consumer Goods (CG) industry. Our tools enable businesses to harness competitive intelligence, while our services make organizations future-ready. With over 25 years of experience, we have a long record of helping clients achieve great successes from our specially crafted closed-loop trade promotions management process.

Many CG companies have implemented some form of TPM solution, typically achieving margin improvements and volume uplifts. However, industry analysts believe that only a very small percentage of TPM implementations realize the full potential of their trade promotion investments.

Companies need best-in-class TPM solutions complemented by deep business insights offered by Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), backed by highly integrated and optimized processes to maintain competitive advantage.

Industry Best Practice

Customer Business Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Cross Functional Process Management
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Performance Evaluation
Budget Management
  • Allocate Promotional Budget Components
  • Reconcile and Tracking
  • Manage Enterprise Contracts
Promotion Development & Modelling
  • Cross-functional Process between Sales, Marketing and Finance
  • Planning and Tracking at the right level
  • Modelling and Scenario Building
Retail Execution
  • Auditing and Tracking Performance
  • Communication and Event Management
  • Evalution of In-store Performance of Promotions
Settlement & Deductions
  • Reconciliation and Matching
  • Manage and Track Evidence
  • Deduction Reduction Processes
Management Reporting & Post-Event Analysis
  • Operational Reporting Capability
  • Dashboards
Optimization & Insights
  • Simulation Capabilities
  • Analysis for Post-promotion ROI
  • Evaluation of Causal Factors

Promax Advanced

End to End Trade
Promotion Management and Analytics

Promax Optimize

ROI Analytics and
Predictive Planning

Integrated Trade Services

Comprehensive Services to
complement any TPM solution

At Wipro Promax, we focus on three major hurdles that CG companies encounter on their journey to better promotional planning:

Promotional Evaluation

When manufacturers do not have systems in place to evaluate trade promotions over time—identifying which ones worked and which ones did not work, and why—they are challenged to consistently improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their trade spend.

The Data Handling Issue

Data for trade promotions come from several systems like POS data, syndicated data, ERP, demand planning systems, and more. Unless all this data is synchronized, analysis becomes incomplete and meaningless.

Information asymmetry between key stakeholders

Account managers, finance teams, demand planners and management may each have their own version of numbers for trade spend versus return. It is essential that the entire organization strives to achieve and improve ‘One Number’.

The Wipro Promax solution suite brings together key ingredients to ensure that you overcome these obstacles to help your business take a quantum leap on ROI from trade investments.

  • Industry pioneers and a wealth of experience and expertise in understanding business processes and dynamics
  • World leading product with 25+ years experience
  • TPM/TPO solutions designed by users for users
  • Thousands of global users successfully deployed
  • Out of the box solution, ensuring speed to market, easier to support and upgrade, adaptable to multiple market challenges
  • In-house data scientists with specialist expertise in discovering relevant business insights from your data
  • Flexible integration capabilities and experience to integrate with multiple IT systems and data sources
  • Fast rollout and maturity-based deployments
  • A full spectrum of delivery models which offer unmatched flexibility to suit your business needs, whether it be on-premise, SaaS or outcome based models
  • Breadth, experience and flexibility of service offerings – full end to end service offerings – no need to deal with multiple vendors
  • Modular solutions for ease of upgrades without costly implementations
  • Focus on digital, analytic and mobile enhancements
  • Continued focus on innovation and development as market needs continue to evolve, delivering clients the latest solutions and innovations in TPM/TPO.

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