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End-to-end Promotion Management and Optimization Solution

A global research study in 2015 found that about 75% of trade promotions don’t break even. With global Consumer Goods (CG) companies averaging close to 20% on their trade spending, there is a critical need for an integrated platform to automate all trade promotion related activities and ensure information transparency for stakeholders. Spreadsheets and other similar tools do not provide adequate visibility, as they require users to assimilate and interpret data from multiple sources. This hinders the ability of planners to optimize the value of their trade spends.

Promax AdvancedTM is a leading-edge Trade Promotion Management (TPM) focused solution, developed in collaboration with global CG manufacturers and retailers.

We’ve built Promax AdvancedTM with rich functionality to address the end-to-end TPM requirements of diverse CG customer segments and product categories, including trade promotion execution, and seamless automation of the tracking and management of the trade promotion process.

The application provides unique and powerful predictive modeling and analytics capabilities that enable customers to optimize a promotional program, and acquire holistic visibility into all trade promotion and associated financial details.

More than 25 years of experience in delivering trade promotion solutions to leading consumer goods companies across the world

What’s different about Promax Advanced?

Plan, track and analyze in an integrated environment. Collaborated with top performing promotion teams across the globe for 25+ years


Inbuilt end-to-end functionality for exhaustive automation of all promotional activities.


Modular solution tailored to fit trade promotion maturity and priorities of Tier I, II, III clients. Ease of upgrade for advanced functionalities.

Quick Deployment

FastStart implementation with pre-configured modules. Phased rollout strategy to ensure quick returns from project investments.

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